I started my ukulele adventure about two months ago and I must say it’s been a blast. The ukulele is such a portable little instrument, so versatile for song writing and live performances, and it is indeed a blessing to behold. Why did I start playing the ukulele, you may ask? Funny story… I so happened to own a baritone ukulele bag made by Fusion Bags, a company I endorse, which was used to carry my Wing Bass, an instrument you’ve seen in many videos. Fusion posts a lot of ukulele related articles on their website and I would read them and think… hmmm this little instrument looks really cool and seeing as I already have a uke bag, why not put a uke in there. Haha! So that’s why I started my research into the ukulele I would want to play and that would give me the best sound. My search led me to Lanikai Ukuleles. I knew they would be at the NAMM show, so I waited to purchase one from them at NAMM and also that would mean I’d get to meet the people who make the ukes too. Long story short is we met, a mutual relationship developed and they offered me an endorsement deal! Definitely didn’t see that coming. So here we are. Enjoy the videos.

Enjoy the sounds of the Lanikai Ukuleles Figured Bocote Thin Body Tenor

Having a bit of fun at the Lanikai Ukuleles Booth at Summer NAMM’19

Playing the Lanikai Ukulele in a hotel in Nashville during our time at Summer NAMM’19

Learn more about Lanikai Ukuleles here.

Don would love to hear from you. All comments and questions welcome!

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