Being on tour for as long as I have been, has been quite a blessing. The schedule has been packed with rehearsals and shows every day. There’s little downtime in the evenings, but in the mornings and during the day time there are song writing opportunities galore. The best thing about this trip is the interesting people I get to meet from around the world, like my new friend from Hungary, Lara, a brilliant solo harpist. We jammed for a bit one morning, just improvising on A minor and D minor chord progressions and we were able to come up with some cool ideas. I took those ideas and came up with a cool little groove, which you can enjoy in the video below. Who knows, I may develop it some more into a song with lyrics and publish it in the fourth album. Enjoy!

Here we have Donald and Lara jamming for a bit! So many beautiful ideas.

Go ahead and checkout Donald Waugh’s Discography below!

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