Outstanding! Leo Fender created the first modern bass, the Precison Bass, popularly know as the P bass that can be heard on thousands of records around the world. Welcome to another game changer.

This particular P Bass has a very interesting story behind how it was acquired. It was the year 2000,?while I was still in college, I had a rehearsal with an amazing pianist by the name of Kathy Brown. At that time we rehearsed at the University of the West Indies where we had access because Kathy studied medicine there. Anyway, when the rehearsals were over we started pulling down the gear we borrowed, for example amps and stands, stuff like that. While putting away the amp I saw an old P Bass with rusted strings leaning in the corner of the gear locker. I asked the guy in charge why they had that instrument tossed to the side. He replied “Oh, that old thing, we are about to throw it in the trash. In a week we will be receiving a brand new Hohner BBass 5”. Immediately I responded with, “Let me take that garbage off you then.” LOL. (One man’s trash, another man’s treasure). I took that baby home, then the follow day I went on Fender.com and ordered replacement parts. I also stripped the old finish and refinished the body and neck. So in essence, it’s BRAND NEW SECOND HAND! Enjoy the sound of the Fender Precision bass in the videos below.

And another…

Enjoy so much more of Donald Waugh’s music below!

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