Summer Music Festival Season 2017

I am so excited about this Summer. There will be lots of outdoor performances and studio recording. A very busy season indeed. Here are a few places you may catch me playing.

Donald Waugh @ Fitzray’s Indie Wednesdays, July 5 at 9pm, London, Ontario

Donald Waugh @ Summer NAMM 2017, July 13 – 15, Nashville, Tennessee

Donald Waugh @ RibFest 2017, July 22 at 2pm Pinafore Park St. Thomas, Ca

Donald Waugh at City Church, July 30 at 1pm, Windsor, Ca

Donald Waugh @ Covent Garden Market, August 5 at 9:30am, London, Ca

Donald Waugh @ City Church, August 13 at 1pm, Windsor, Canada

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