Throughout my career, I have been told one way or another that I cannot or should not do things. I was told I shouldn’t play multiple instruments, but to focus on only one. I was told I cannot sing and should give my songs to someone who can. Many times in life people will tell you what to do and what not to do. You must have your own vision as to where you would like to go and always keep that as your focus. Remember, everyone has an opinion, but often never a solution. So please don’t listen to the “Little Guy”, just focus on your goals and do great things. Have an amazing day!

2 thoughts on “Do not listen to the “Ney Sayers”

  1. I couldn`t agree more Donald. In my experience “the little guys” surrounds us, especially in smaller communities and spreads their “hate” because of jealousy and envy because they feel inferior themselves. So they Project that on People who at least are trying to accomplish something in life. Have a wonderful day Donald.

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